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1/35 Sd.Kfz 7/6 Conversion Designed to fit any Dragon Sd.Kfz 7 Series 

I recommend one of the Flak Vehicles as that will give you useful parts for other builds or a stand alone flak

The original purpose of this vehicle was to carry and tow the KDO 36 and 40 Range Finders (Bronco Kit CB35103) as part of a Anti Aircraft battery but did find itself in many other rolls. Included is the Carrying case for the range finder head as this was a sensitive piece of equipment so it was taken off the base and carried in a special case for protection that slid down the center of the track on a special rail and pully/winch setup.

 Multimedia kit consisting of Cast Polyurethane, 3D Printed, Laser cut acrylic and card stock parts.
Advance building skills recommended including experience working with 3D printed resin.
(It is a little more fragile to work with then standard cast resin)

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